Data protection

Please note that in order to comply with the General Data Protection Legislation, the Council needs to ensure that you have seen and read the Council’s Privacy Notice on the Council’s website before the Council is able to process your application.

Regarding the personal information the Housing Services are collecting using this Homesearch Register Application, I/we understand the following:

  • You will use the information provided to administer my/our Homesearch Register Application.
  • Where permission is given, you may contact the person(s) nominated to discuss my/our Homesearch Register Application.
  • For accuracy you may check some of my/our personal details on this application with other New Forest District Council teams, any other council and/or government department.
  • You may also get information about me from certain other organisations or give information about me to them to: make sure the information is accurate; prevent or detect crime; and protect public funds. These other organisations include government departments, other local authorities or social landlords and private sector organisations such as banks, utility companies and organisations that may lend me money or for them to pursue a debt.

You do not have to give us your personal information, but it will help us to contact you quickly. It also helps us to know your personal circumstances so that we may offer better help if there are problems with your Homesearch Register Application. Further information about your information rights and be found on the Council’s website or by emailing the Council’s Data Protection officer on